gone fishing

Home made game of fishing. Print out the PDF, cut out the fish, fold their fins and cut a hole along their gills. Next you will need a stick, yarn and a paperclip. Attach the yarn to the stick, and the paperclip. Open up the paperclip at one end, that will be your fishing hook. Scatter the fish on the floor and try to catch them on the hook. You will need a good dose of a patience.

The PDF is here: Rybičky, rybičky, rybáři jedou

I dubbed this game after a Czech game of “Fish, Fish! The fisherman are here!”  The game starts with one person being the fisherman, the rest of the group being fish in the pond. You need a large open space with a beforehand defined limits of “the pond”. The fisher man, on one end of the field, calls out “fish, fish, the fishermen are coming”. The fish (rest of the group), on the other end of the field, and the fisherman start running towards each other. The fisherman tries to tag as many fish as possible; the fish try to avoid being tagged. The fisherman and the fish can move only in opposite direction. Once they passed each other the round is over. Whoever the fisherman tags joins the fishermen team. Following rounds repeat with more and more fishermen. The last fish in the pond wins!



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