Pollinators Art Workshop

I am currently preparing a new art workshop with a “Pollinators” theme! Right now, I’m making a honeycomb using recycled materials such as paper egg cartons and brown paper shopping bags. During the event on Monday, kids will fill this pretend honeycomb using gold glitter glue for honey and magic clay tinted with turmeric for pollen.


My art workshop will be accompanied by a lesson about the importance of pollinators for the environment and human society itself. (Pollinators are bees and other creatures such as butterflies that contribute to the plant fertilization process by transporting pollen.) The project was inspired by the US Fish and Wildlife Services adding the rusty patched bumble bee to the list of endangered species early in January 2017.

The workshop will engage the kids on multiple levels. They will strengthen their listening and observing during the lesson, fine motor skills while making bees out of pipe cleaners, and gross motor skills as they carry the pollen and honey into the comb. All of the activities will be done in Czech to further these kids’ bi-lingual skills.


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