Space in a box

To honor the accomplishments of the recently passed astronauts Eugene Cernan and John Glenn, I put together a space themed project for the students at the Red Oaks School. The students will create a space diorama out of flip top shoe boxes. We started today with the painting of the boxes. Miss Chantal talked about the colors that can be seen in the deep space the children then created their own take on the outer space. Surprisingly, space is not all black, but filled with multitude of colors of endless shapes.

Looking at the images of the space & observing what colors can space be.

Starting with the black background.


Adding some colorful stardust.

Space, drying.

Beautiful galactic swirls.

We will continue next week with the stars and the sun and later on we add the planets. At the end of the project we will talk about the variety of man made space vehicles. Satellites, international space station, space shuttle etc. We will talk about benefits these inventions  bring to our daily lives. The kids will choose their favorite and add it to their diorama. I will keep you posted with the progress. Up next week, sun and stars!


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