Czech Kids NJ

Presentation for the SVU: 6-minute challenge slides

Art projects developed to promote Czech cultural heritage and support bilingual literacy in  Czech-American children. You can find more about these projects and our past and future events on the Czech Parents NJ website.

To download the free PDF of these and other workshops click here.

Josef Lada inspired lesson
František Kupka inspired project
Josef Čapek’s “Stories of a Doggie and a Kitty” series

“How They Made a Cake”:

“How They Washed the Floor”

“About the Doll that Cried Softly”

“How the Doggie Ripped his Pants”

“About a Very Sad Little Nightie”

Vocabulary & Literacy promoting games

Learning the sounds of the letters in Czech, acquiring the vocabulary and further developing the vocabulary through visual association using flashcards.