The Process

Creating one awesome mural starts with the initial consultation. I will visit the space where you wish the mural to be painted. We will discuss the ideas, content and general theme of the project. Likewise, I will measure the space and assess the condition of the walls. We will discussed the timeframe. Based on this visit a contract is written up detailing the timeframe, cost, and specific terms of the project. Design fee of $500 is due at signing of the contract. This fee is credited towards the total cost of the mural and is non-refundable.

Design of the mural is in cooperation with your ideas. You do not have to have a firm idea of what you want in the mural, we can start from very undefined space and come up with what is really you in the process. Two weeks before the start of the work we review the sketches of the design elements and layout. Possible new thoughts and adjustments to the initial concept can be discussed at this point. I will confirm the start date and plan the preparation of the space as necessary. 50% deposit is due 2 weeks before planned start date to allow for ordering of the supplies and scheduling.

I start painting on location upon agreed date. I typically paint for 5 hours in the morning. At the end of each painting day I will reach out to you to get your feedback to make sure the project is moving along in the right direction. My focus is on clear communication to ensure I am getting the painting right.

At some point a stage is reached where any additional changes, additions or further work would take away from the piece as a whole. I aim to reach a feeling of cohesion and completeness in the mural as a whole. At this point the mural is finished. The remaining balance of 50% (minus $500 design fee) is due on the last day of work.

What’s next? Learn about the paints, the pricing, and how a mural is made step by step.