May Meadow

 June 2015 in Madison, NJ. For an adventurous and imaginative little girl who loves mystery and fantasy. She requested birds and butterflies, and I thought this cheerful meadow would be a perfect backdrop for them (and her) to frolic in. I did not want this mural to overpower her personal space, which is why I used a neutral background and painted the flowers and the animal almost as illustrations on the wall. The plants I chose are same as I saw growing in their yard. I sketched all the plants in pencil on the wall first, then I added the birds and butterflies in the second round. If you look closely, you’ll also find tiny insect friends – a ladybug using a dandelion seed to parachute herself to the ground and a lightning bug that glows in the dark. The adorable little swing her mom got her perfectly completes this garden hideaway.

Photos by Pavlina Perry